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Flight simulators are awesome, having your friends fly with you in the simulator is amazing. So that's why we launched Skyline; to give you the opportunity to do amazing things. Skyline provides multiple Unlimited Packet Flight Simulator servers. And our Cross-platform server allows you to fly online using any kind of Flight Simulator.
We what we do, and we won't stop doing it.


Our Story

Once we were just a bunch of people who shared the same passion. But when cool people get together, amazing things happen; like Skyline.



Why Skyline

Often Copied

We have no restrictions for our pilots. And No, you don't have to be a registered member to fly on our servers. But we have a set of unique and exclusive member only features, if you like to be a part:

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Cross Platform

You and your friend has two different simulators? Not a problem. With our Cross-Platform Server, we make sure everyone gets to enjoy, EQUALLY.

Unlimited Packets

Our hosting solutions provides us the ability to let you connect without a packet limitation. Yes, that means ANY aircraft without any issue.

Not one, But many

Don’t like that? Use this. Skyline has not one, but many multiplayer servers for different simulators to suit everyone’s needs.

Because, We Care

Every single pilot is valuable to us. Our goal is to provide the best flying experience for pilots of all ability and interest. Yes! you are welcome regardless of your skill.

Amazing Help and Support

That’s how we made it this far, by helping those who need it. Have an issue? Post in it the Forum, we promise to help you, FAST.

Growing Community

We started with just a bunch of people. But now, it keeps growing. Be a part of our community, and experience the unique benefits for Registered users.

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Server Status

Check the Live status of our servers. For more information about the servers, visit the Servers page.

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