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Skyline Airways : Charter Operations

Skyline Airways : Charter Operations

E xciting news for those who love to fly their own charter routes. Skyline Airways now accepts Charter Operations. Visit Skyline Airways to find out more

Simply visit the Flights page of Skyline Airways ACARS system to create your own charter flights. Please note that the Pilot reports will only be accepted under following conditions. Reports in violation of the following conditions will be rejected.

Charter Conditions :

  • Flight number is within 9001-9999
  • Pilot’s current rank allows them to fly the specific aircraft
  • Aircraft on the charter flight matches the actual aircraft used
  • Fuel planning and the cost index value should be precise and should not cost Skyline Airways in an unrealistic manner.
  • Landing rate should be acceptable (within 0 & -400)


We hope you enjoy this opportunity.
Safe Landings!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

O ur staff at Skyline Flight simulations wish you a blessed year filled with joy, happiness and a lot of successful landings.

See you on the runway, Skyliners.

Prepare to go PRO with the Dash 8 Q400 Pro

A s some of you may already know, Majestic Software is releasing their Dash-8 Q400 Pro on 18th of November(That’s today). If you’ve been using(and fell in love with) the Majestic Software Dash-8 Q400 Pilot Edition, this is a must have for you. Read more

Skyline Airways 10, Ready for departure runway 08L


Skyline Aiways

W ith pride, we announce that our virtual airline, Skyline Airways has officially been launched. After a successful beta period, we decided to completely revamp our website’s look along with brand new improved services. Read more

We migrated

Skyline Private Jet

We migrated

S kyline migrated all the services to a Brand-new website. Not just that, our services are greatly improved, and we now offer not one, but many multiplayer flight simulator servers to suit your different needs. We hope that we can help bring the gap between different Flight simulators to a minimum. Given the fact that all our servers are Unlimited packet servers, now you can fly on any simulator with any aircraft without any problem. Read more